No Train Tracks

As I am getting more requests for photography, I am also getting requests for one of the coolest looks in photography, railroad tracks.  Not sure why exactly but it must be the cool lines that lead everywhere or just the thought of a journey on the tracks to somewhere in life. I love the looks when I see the photos but guess what it is illegal.  

Railroad tracks are considered private property and also very dangerous.  Depending on what state you live in there are a variety of laws.  It is best to look up your state's rules on photography on railroad tracks. On occasion you can seek permission for photography on tracks or find some old broken down tracks way out in no where land.  In California we are not allowed to photo on railroad tracks.  There are people online that will turn you in if you do take photos on the tracks.  

I am sorry but I am declining taking photos on railroad tracks. It is for your safety and my safety. However cool the look is it is not worth something happening to us.  

Thank you for understanding and let's come up with some other cool ideas.  I know a lot of cool venues in and around Sonoma County.

Take care and let's go have some fun taking photos,